@Gargron hey, my mastodon server was down for a bit. For some reason pictures will not download anymore. I reset my GCS service account but I can see it's not persisting there. Any idea? I've tried refreshing with tootctl as well.

Tonight at 830PM-EST we will be discussing Covid19 Vaccine Mandates. 4 v 4! @HanzOfHarkir
will moderate. @gsugambit
PrimeIsLegendary Reekz vs @JolahYT
. Hosted at twitch.tv/GSUGambit ! Be There!!!

Finally set up my printer I bought in like 2015 or 2016 lmfao

Floyd is just making money in his retirement. Cant knock him for that lol

I like but I hate his fans so I'm very hate right now πŸ€—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Happy Memorial Day to the fallen troops and those who paid the ultimate price for this country πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

My Google Nest Router and Wifi points had to be factory reset today. 2hrs of my life I'll never get back with their tech support :(

So on Joe's panel, we ended up talking about a host of other issues. Alabama's lift of ban of Yoga in schools, Snows days becoming virtual, and tons tons more. VOD can be found on his twitch: twitch.tv/j0elewis

I haven't worked on growing my . If you know cool people I should be following let me know!

My first harvest of my hydroponic crops was this week. Leaves from broccoli and collards. Leaves were absolutely delicious. Using several iDOO. Wanting on broccoli and bell pepper to come in!

Today at 3PM EST I will be on Joe Lewis's first closed panel podcast show for "The Council" will be interesting. Topics will be "Sound Pollution" and "State Control of Local Government"

Oh man, so much time has gone to work lately. Busy busy busy

Most of our infrastructure was made before the idea of security. The ability to shut down large portions of our economy with ransomware should not be under-estimated. There have been demonstrations of other companies using similar power grids to our to shut down power grids (though not with random ware).
The idea that we have a congress that's completely non-tech saavy terrifies me during these new times where lots of "wars" are fought online not with soldiers.

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