I hate that I'm desensitized to mass shootings. And I even know it's my defense mechanism / serenity for dealing with this.
I just wanna live in a less dangerous world....and I have 2 kids who will spend next 18 yrs in school. And thought it's ultra low likelihood...every day is a dice roll.

If you aren't excited about your current job/career, use this RARE opportunity to change to a field you would enjoy more. The labor shortage has left SEVERAL employers hiring people will less experience or requiring less qualifications.
Use this time to make lateral, up, or down changes to get to your desired field then thrive and enjoy life more.

If you have people I should follow on mastodon.technology please let me know. One of the only problems with setting up my own instance is the local timeline is completely me lmfaoo

Having to learn Go and relearn C# for this new position. Excited

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It's becoming normalized to consider someone extremist/radical to want and support freedom, decentralization, privacy, transparency, and liberty.

Don't be bullied into giving up ideals that are objectively good for those that are subjectively good.

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Installing #PeerTube on your server is like creating your own free-libre alternative to "YouTube", where you choose the name ▶️ ! Documentation and official support will guide you through this adventure.
👉 joinpeertube.org/ #FreeTheServers

@Gargron @Mastodon Must say I'm very happy I logged into Twitter and saw lots of threads today

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Mastodon for Android has been installed over 32K times! Still only 400 ratings though. Please don't forget to rate the app!

The most important factor in investing is TIME. While you want to be a financial guru before investing, the reality is you'll spend years researching and lose tons of compounded growth. Go invest immediately while gaining financial literacy.

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You can easily be rich, but also poor. 🧐

The man who makes 120k and spends 110k is poorer than the man who makes 60k and spends 40k.

Beyond saving your money, it's how you use that money to make more money in a reliable way. 💡

I'm loving that more people are interacting with Mastodon. One of the problems I'm seeing is that they aren't buying into federation and starting their own instances but trying to get on the main instances. I think it's going to be hard to break that mentality.

When I get more sleep at night, I'm absolutely more tired.

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