I'm still in Mastodon 3.5.3. Is there a migration guide for docker deployers anywhere?

Why didn't Jack Dorsey just support Mastodon? It's weird that everyone wants federated social media but doesn't want this one. It's like they are ashamed they didn't build Mastodon first.

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Got fired from working the vinyl pressing machine for yelling “It’s a new record!” every 10 seconds.

Has anyone listened to the Tucker Carlson v Putin interview? I started it and about 40 minutes in Putin was still doing his "quick" introduction to history and I fell asleep. Does it get better?

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Hi All,

I have suspended account registration on this server due to spam account creation and posts in an effort to make the server friendlier to the If you would like to sign up please contact admin@gsugambit.com

How easy does Mastodon update when running in docker. I see the new CVE and want to get uograded

Sorry there was spam on my server. Just blocked accounts.

I have lots of investigations to do into Google AI offering. Vertex, Gen App Builder, and everything else. Lots of fun things upcoming.

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There was a Super Splash Party last night! Steph Curry (33 points), Klay Thompson (31 points), and Jordan Poole (27 points) combined for 91 points and 20 threes in the win! Absolute shooting clinic!

OpenAI really is all the hype it's hyped to be. Maybe even more

When will people that want open conversations move to the Fediverse instead of getting banned from big tech. smh

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