This was my first time not going home for Thanksgiving. Didn't like it

I love seeing more people talk about Mastodon on twitter

The new Samsung Fold 4 has been amazing. Along with my Samusung Ultra tablet.

@merrickdeville i dont think twitter is done but yes you should use open source and a platform that doesnt use your data to make money lol

I could get mastodon and poeertube to work easily. But via docker, I cannot get to work

The recent drama with Ye and Kyrie Irving have caused much needed conversations in the black community.

Elon buying Twitter is a good thing but I'm still wishing everyone would migrate to Mastodon

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It's official; Chain React Conf is back on in 2023! The only US #ReactNative conference. It'll be the first time in 4 years. I'm 99% sure I'll be there; I hope you can join! It's the best-run conference I've attended, really a great experience.

Beat Vader Immoral 1 in tonight. Was fun. Wished it was a longer game.

I was so scared to do the update, but it actually was rather easy. Migrations scripts worked perfectly.

@Gargron hey is there a way to have Mastodon and services like PixelFeed/Peertube have the same logins?

Just did my first class on my new Bike+! Felt amazing. Feet was KILLING me at the end though, def have to go a size up in the shoes.

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